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Buy Christian and Support Yourself and Christ’s Ministry! is a business created solely on faith and trust in the Lord. Our purpose is to bring the Word of God into the home through high quality Home Décor products. We hope that our products encourage you to display the Word of God in your home as a reminder to your own family. In addition, we pray that you will find great pleasure in sharing the Word and expressing your faith through inspirational gift giving to friends and family.

C28 is a Christian retail store chain, offering an alternative to the mainstream mall stores. The Christian clothing, music, jewelry and accessories reflect a clean and positive Christian lifestyle. C28 stands for Colossians 2:8, Not Of This World (NOTW), and all about Jesus! – Shop for Christian Books, Bibles, Music is the online home of Christian Book Distributors (CBD), the  offered Christian books, music, Bibles, videos, software, gifts and more at the

The Ultimate Christian Wholesale Source Directory

The Ultimate Christian Wholesale Source Directory gives you the inside secrets to buying Christian products at wholesale, rock bottom prices. Over 480 legitimate Christian Wholesale USA Suppliers.

Victorious Network.  Online Resources For Victorious Christian Living.







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