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Faith is Reasonable: Faith is Rational

Many discuss faith and reason without providing precise and accurate definitions. Faith is reliance. Faith cannot be relied on (not if we are speaking precisely). So, faith does not rely on evidence or lack or evidence. If I see a … Continue reading

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Logic and Truth: According to Chesterton

Logic and truth, as a matter of fact, have very little to do with each other. Logic is concerned merely with the fidelity and accuracy with which a certain process is performed, a process which can be performed with any … Continue reading

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The Quick Guide to Being More Rational

Here are 9 major points that contribute to your overall rationality. Being rational is more than merely understanding the syllogism, it is about understanding and applying mental habits to life, on a daily basis, so that your very character links up to … Continue reading

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Faith, Cough Syrup, and Sehnsucht Pt I

What is faith? Is it a feeling, an intuition? I contend that it is primarily neither. Secondarily we do have feelings and intuitions about walking in faith; about our observations from our experiences of trying to be faithful to certain … Continue reading

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God and the Scientific Method

Sometimes we are certain that we are right about something very important, but when pressed about it, the logic and reasoning behind the conviction are dizzying to explain. But defense is important, because it is God’s faith in you, and … Continue reading

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