Polemics and Satires

Polemics and satires are great for stimulating thought. They keep us on our toes.

What is a polemic you ask?

A polemic is a provocative argument put forward by means of something ‘heated’. Polemics elicit emotion. They are pointed and inciting. A polemic can be good or bad. A good polemic, then, is a kind of argument intended to influence the audience beneficially. This means that the polemic is strategic for a good purpose.

Sometimes the mind needs a fire to get the intellectual ball rolling. The main question that is important for discussing polemics and satires is whether or not the provocation is good and salutary, conducting a person to greater virtue and healthy, or pernicious, which conducts a person to false or bad ideas.

As such, properly educated and reasonable polemics are not instance of mere name-calling, inaccurate group stereotyping, but much more. In the way of having a specifically good aims in mind, good polemics and satires make us think more reasonably and more virtuously.

The value of polemics and satires becomes obvious in the interplay of scrutinizing minds.























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