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Two Kinds of Paradox by G.K. Chesterton

There is nothing that needs more fastidious care than our choice of nonsense. Sense is like daylight or daily air, and may come from any quarter or in any quantity. But nonsense is an art. Like an art, it is … Continue reading

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The Roots of the World by G.K. Chesterton

Once upon a time a little boy lived in a garden in which he was permitted to pick the flowers but forbidden to pull them up by the roots. There was, however, one particular plant, insignificant, somewhat thorny, with a … Continue reading

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The God in the Cave by G. K. Chesterton

Traditions in art and literature and popular fable have quite sufficiently attested, as has been said, this particular paradox of the divine being in the cradle. Perhaps they have not so clearly emphasised the significance of the divine being in … Continue reading

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God and the Scientific Method

Sometimes we are certain that we are right about something very important, but when pressed about it, the logic and reasoning behind the conviction are dizzying to explain. But defense is important, because it is God’s faith in you, and … Continue reading

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Concerning a Strange City by G. K. Chesterton- Biblical, Poetical Language

Everyone has his own private and almost secret selection among the examples of the mysterious power of words, the power which a certain verbal combination has over the emotions and even the soul. It is commonplace that literature has a … Continue reading

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